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  2. 3 Refreshing & Easy Summer Cocktails

    Being as Summer has arrived for us Northern hemisphere folk, we thought we’d post our favorite three easy cocktails for the warmer months. There’s nothing like kicking back with a refreshing cocktail on a summers day. 

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  3. Impress Dad with These 3 Amazing Meals

    Seeing as Father’s Day is this Sunday, we thought we’d share our top 3 favorite meals for brunch that you can whip up for your dad—a small gesture to make up for all those years of raiding his liquor cabinet. 

    1. Gluten Free & Grain Free Chocolate Granola

    (recipe courtesy of Gourmande in the Kitchen)


    1 cup/ 112g raw walnuts

    1 cup/112g raw almonds

    Pinch of fine sea salt

    ¼ cup/ 60g raw honey

    3 Tablespoons/ 42g unsalted butter

    3 Tablespoons/ 23g raw cacao or natural cocoa powder

    ½ tsp vanilla extract

    2 Tablespoons/15 g chia seeds

    ½ cup/40g unsweetened shredded coconut

    2 oz/60g bittersweet chocolate, coarsely chopped


    Soak walnuts and almonds covered in water with a pinch of salt overnight or for about 8 hours.(Soaking the nuts first removes the enzyme inhibitors, making them easier to digest) Preheat oven to 200 degrees F/ 93 degrees C. Drain and rinse the nuts and quickly them in a cloth towel. Place the nuts in the bowl of a food processor and pulse briefly until just coarsely chopped. Gently melt together the butter and honey in a small saucepan over low heat stirring continually to combine. Add in the cacao or natural cocoa powder along with a pinch of salt and the vanilla and whisk to blend until well combined. Add the chocolate mixture to the food processor and pulse to combine. Add the chia seeds and shredded coconut to the bowl and pulse again until everything is about the size of oats. Spread chocolate nut mixture evenly on a parchment or silpat lined baking sheet. Bake at 200 degrees for about 4 hours, or until dry and crispy. Cool on wire rack. Stir in chopped chocolate and store in airtight container. P reparation time: 20 minute(s) plus overnight soaking Cooking time: 4 hours(s) Note: recipe can be doubled Number of servings (yield): about 6 Copyright © 2010-2012 gourmandeinthekitchen.com.

    Preparation time: 20 minute(s) plus overnight soaking

    Cooking time: 4 hours(s) Note: recipe can be doubled

    Number of servings (yield): about 6

    Copyright © 2010-2012 gourmandeinthekitchen.com.

    2. Baked Eggs with Prosciutto & Parmesan

    (recipe courtesy of Sweet Sugar Bean)


    4-5 slices prosciutto

    2 eggs

    2 tbsp whipping cream

    1/4 cup grated Parmesan, or Gruyere, or cheese of your choice

    coarse black pepper

    chives, finely chopped, for garnish

    Line 2 ramekins with prosciutto. I had 2.5 slices in each. Crack an egg in each ramekin. Drizzle 1 tbsp cream in each. Top with cheese. Crack some pepper. Bake in the centre of a preheated 375*F oven, for about 10-15 minutes, depending on how well done you like your eggs. Sprinkle the chives. That’s all there is too it. I’d roast some cherry tomatoes in olive oil, alongside, just for fun. Serves 1-2 people, depending on how hungry you are! Adapted from Two Tarts.

    3. German Pancakes

    (recipe courtesy of Smitten Kitchen)

    Yield 2 9-inch pancakes.

    4 eggs

    1 tablespoon sugar

    1/2 teaspoon salt

    2/3 cup flour, sifted

    2/3 cup milk

    2 tablespoons soft butter

    Heat oven to 400°F. Butter two 9-inch cake pans well. Put eggs in blender container, cover and process at “stir” until light yellow in color. Push “mix” button, remove cover and add remaining ingredients; process until smooth. Pour into prepared pans and bake 20 minutes; then reduce heat to 350°F and bake 10 minutes. Slide onto hot plates. Serve with lemon slices, powdered sugar and butter if you follow recipes to the letter, raspberry syrup if you’re my mom or maple syrup and fresh berries if you’re us.


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  4. 10 Father’s Day Gifts for the Eccentric Dad

    With Father’s Day just around the corner, we thought we’d do a different + fun type of Father’s Day gift list rather than your typical run-of-the-mill list. Nothing says I Love You better than a quirky gift that makes it seem like you invested a lot of effort. Happy Father’s Day!


    For the father on a spiritual journey. Ommm….


    Perfect for the father who loves to stand out while doing his weekly shopping.


    Because most father’s are Star Wars tragics..


    Now you can drink your tea and coffee too! The first model of its kind.


    Show me a father who doesn’t like to BBQ and I’ll show you a rockstar who doesn’t have an STD.


    For the camera aficionado.


    Most father’s drink wine to relieve the stress that their children cause them. But seriously, this is the perfect gift for the wino father. 


    Made in Italy in the 50’s. If you can’t afford the $3,200 price tag, you can find plenty of vintage ones on eBay that are easier on the wallet.


    Help dad release his inner Texan by taking his barbecuing to the next level. 


    Yes, dad might be expecting a tie for Father’s Day, but I bet you he doesn’t own a leather one!

    What will you be getting your dad for Father’s Day? Let us know on our Facebook Page.

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  5. Styling a Tie in Summer // 3 Ways

    Even though it’s heating up in New York, we wanted to show you tie-loving men that it’s still possible to rock a tie (while still looking good) in Summer. Just because it’s hot doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a sharp look.

    Look 1 // A Formal Affair

    Comfortable and smart—pair a vest with trousers, blue leather tie, leather shoes and tortoise shell glasses.

    Perfect for an outdoor Summer wedding or formal gathering. Would probably look better accompanied with a glass of champagne, but hey, we’re on a budget. And it was only 10:00AM, one hour before the allowable drinking time, on a Monday.

    (Vest: Topman // Shirt: Lichfield // Trousers: Country Road // Tie: Grove Lane // Shoes: Ted Baker // Glasses: Oliver Peoples)

    Look 2 // The Backyard Gathering

    Classic and stylish—Wear a white shirt with a navy leather tie, black flip flops and tortoise shell sunnies.

    This is also the debut of our Kind of Blue leather tie! Made in New York City with 100% Italian leather. (Pre-order here).

    Because a nice spread compliments every Summer look ;)

    (Shirt: Lichfield // Tie: Grove Lane // Jeans: Ksubi // Flip Flops: Haviana // Sunnies: Ray Ban)

    Look 3 // A Walk in the Park

    Cool and casual—Pair a blue lightweight shirt with camo cargo shorts, a cream leather tie and a straw hat. Every walk in New York should be accompanied with an appropriate poetry book. Just make sure you can read French if it’s in French.

    (Shirt: H&M // Shorts: Scotch & Soda // Tie: Grove Lane // Flip Flops: Haviana // Hat: Unknown // Aviators: Ray Ban)

    What’s your favorite way to wear a tie in Summer? Let us know on our Facebook Page.

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  6. Johnny Depp Has Never Looked So Young

    Just yesterday we took a trip to our local cinema to grab a taste of Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows; starring Johnny Depp, Eva Green and Michelle Pfeiffer.

    Based on the 60’s TV show Dark Shadows, Tim Burton’s comic adaptation tells the story of a an 18th Century man, Barnabas Collins (Depp), whose family owns a fishing empire in Maine before the wicked and heartbroken witch, Angelique Bouchard (Eva Green), turns him into a vampire to dwell for nearly 200 years before escaping in 1972 to protect his dysfunctional family.

    Dark Shadows is a return to the great camp gothic style for Burton, and is by far his most enjoyable work in years. Witty moments delivered by Depp are emphasized by the juxtaposition of his alien-like acclimation to life in the 70’s. Like the time he refers to an asphalt road as a “curious terrain.” The rest of the cast, while under-utilized, is fantastic—especially Eva Green. Other highlights includes the killer early 70’s soundtrack featuring T. Rex, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper (the “ugliest girl” Barnabas has ever seen) and more.

    Elements of Fantasy—particularly the stellar sets and effects—are bound to unlock your imagination, not to mention are a constant signature of Burton’s flicks. All-in-all, Dark Shadows is an excellent campy gothic vampire flick, which you know, we’re all suckers for.

    Dark Shadows Trailer

    What were your thoughts on Dark Shadows and what’s your favorite Tim Burton flick?

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  7. A Foodie’s Dream

    We were recently given two tickets for a Chelsea Market/Meatpacking District Foods of New York tour. Being two foodies ourselves, it was an occasion we had daydreamed of ever since we landed back in NYC!

    The tour began in Chelsea Market and we ate a Eleni’s red velvet cupcakes for breakfast.

    We also tasted Ronnybrook Chocolate milk (a.k.a. the Dom Perignon of milk apparently), lobster bisque and New England clam chowder from The Lobster Place.

    Sushi!!! (The Lobster Place)

    Fun fact: We spotted Rachel Ray at Manhattan Fruit Exchange buying some produce. Go figure.

    This chocolate bar at Chelsea Market Baskets sure looked good enough to eat

    Sarabeth’s marmalade. OH MY GOD this was amazing.

    We ate two different types of Sarabeth marmalade on freshly baked scones.

    Quick stop at Morimoto

    The Highline, but of course. 

    This gallery was amazing. Can’t remember the name but was on W. 14th Street. 

    Not pictured, sadly, our last dish; homemade Italian pasta with beef ragu. Overall the tour was absolutely amazing and we had the most entertaining tour guide. Definitely check it out if you’re a fellow foodie in NYC! 

    We explored bits of the city after the tour and wandered into Magnolia’s Bakery. And on that note…


    P.S. Our promotion is still on, the current collection is all $80!!! You know you want to get in.

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  8. Grove Lane // 3 Different Ways to Tie a Tie

    We’re excited to finally present some videos to you all!! We worked really hard the last two weeks to bring our first tutorial 3 Different Ways to Tie a Tie (including the Full Windsor, Four in Hand, and Victoria tie knots). We picked three tie knots that we believe work best with our leather ties. Our aim is for those of you who already own a Grove Lane tie (or are thinking of purchasing one) will look and feel great after watching these tutorials.

    We hope you enjoy them (and actually understand how to tie the knots). Let us know if you’d like to see more videos like this in the future! 

    Which is your favorite tie knot of the three? Share your photos with us!

    Oh, and be sure to watch each video in HD! 

    Special Deal!

    P.S. Our NYC promotion is ending soon! Now’s the time to take advantage of our current collection being reduced to $80. If you have an upcoming event and want to jazz up your outfit then our ties are the perfect accesory to do just that. 

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  9. Life Lately via our iPhone Photos

    Even though we’ve been in NYC for only 3 weeks, it’s still been as busy as ever! We thought we’d share a bit of what we’ve been up to, taken from our instagram (@grovelane) photos!

    Discovering the Highline!

    We spent some time in Red Hook when the sun was setting and saw some pretty amazing sights! There’s a Statue of Liberty in this photo.

    Yes there’s actually a photo of the two of us!

    This past week the Fashion Kiosk has become our best friend

    Busy days mean we need proper fuel!

    Look what we found during a wander in Chelsea…

    Finding good cheese in the US has been a bit of a struggle, but Valley Shepherd in Brooklyn was pretty good! If you have any rec’s let us know.

    Oh NY, we love you.

    Taking a much needed Starbucks break during a day full of meetings! 

    Sushi!!!! The food Falcon missed most while we were living in Melbourne.

    What are your favorite spots in New York City? 

    P.S. And remember! All ties from our current collection are $80.00, get onto this deal while it lasts!

    Till next time…

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    The Fancy 


  10. It’s a Wonderful Town

    We’re excited to announce that Grove Lane has officially expanded its offices to New York City! Fitting of course since it’s Falcon’s hometown, and we’ll still be running from Melbourne but it’s been great settling into the Big Apple this past week.

     We’ve already been inspired by the drive of our fellow New Yorkers to dream big and act big, which means there will be lots of exciting news in these coming months! For now we’re keeping things hush but we’ll keep you updated as soon as we can.

     Even though we’re one part native New Yorker one part former resident, we’ve both thoroughly enjoyed acting as tourists in this vast and over-stimulating city. So far we’ve already had our fair share of New York Bagels, Pizza and foodie hot spots (à la Calexico). This week we also visited the Brooklyn Museum to have a gander at its current Keith Haring exhibition.

    The following are highlights of our trip so far via Instagram and Falcon’s camera!

     Hanging in the Meatpacking District

    Amazing Heavenly hot dog @ Bark in Brooklyn (all-organic!)

    Strolling around enjoying the oncoming of Spring!

    A trip to the Brooklyn Museum to see the Keith Haring Exhibition.

    Upholstered Skateboards

    The Keith Haring Exhibition—finally!

    Haring x Basquiat collaboration. Haring was an influence on Basquiat’s work and good friend.

    Undoubtedly the most flamboyant house in our neighborhood..

    We want to know!

    // What do you love best about New York? (whether you’ve visited, lived, or have only experienced it through films)

    // What are your favorite hot spots in New York?

     Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page!



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